How to react to a stroke?

Caused by high blood pressure, by the rupture of an artery in the brain or by a blocked artery, a stroke can easily lead to death if it is not controlled. When faced with such an attack, there are simple steps to take. In this article, we will study the behaviour to have in case of need to save lives.

Actions that save lives

When the blood or oxygen flowing to the brain is insufficient, there is a high risk of having a stroke. To recognise a stroke, the following symptoms should be observed: a drooping face, a sensation of tingling in the limbs or face, violent and unusual headaches, blurred or even double vision. Stroke is also characterised by dizziness, loss of balance and even fainting. When you experience these symptoms, you should know that it is a stroke. The first thing to do when faced with a stroke is to call for help as soon as possible. While waiting for them to arrive, make sure that the victim is still breathing and that his airways are not blocked. To keep the victim alive, you must place him/her in a very comfortable position so that he/she can breathe properly. Make sure that the paralysed side is facing upwards.

Avoid strokes

Stroke is different from a transient ischaemic attack (TIA). However, TIA can lead to a stroke or be a sign of one. In general, a transient ischaemic attack has the same signs as a stroke. But in the case of a TIA, the signs may disappear on their own after about 30 minutes. However, stroke and transient ischaemic attack are very dangerous diseases that can lead to death very quickly. It is important to take appropriate measures to avoid them. Controlling one’s diet, having a healthy lifestyle, practising sport, avoiding stress, are all behaviours that should be adopted in order to be safe from them.