4 tips for dealing with bloating

Sometimes, for reasons you don’t know, you feel bloated. This is an unpleasant feeling. You find it difficult to concentrate. If you find yourself in such situations, there is no need to worry. There are simple tips for dealing with it. In this article, we will discuss three miracle recipes.

Vegetable charcoal

For eating any kind of food, you may suffer from bloating. When this happens, you can try certain treatments to relieve yourself.

Obtained from the calcination at a very high temperature of coconuts, olive stones or even wood, vegetable charcoal is used in the field of health. The carbonization of these plants has a precise goal: it is to purify them and to increase their porosity because their pores have the property of absorbing gases. So using charcoal in case of bloating will act on the gas and relieve you.


Fennel is very useful in the digestive system. It helps to digest food quickly and effectively and to avoid digestive problems. It can be consumed in different ways. Between meals, you can use it as an essential oil, as an infusion, as a tincture or even as seeds. The recommended quantities are a few grams or milliliters, depending on the case. The result is amazing.

Eat slowly and calmly

Eating slowly facilitates digestion. According to experts, you should take 20 to 30 minutes to eat, depending on the type of meal. This allows you to chew the food well. Food swallowed without being chewed properly is a big risk for the digestive system, which can lead to disorders. If you swallow the various dishes without chewing them properly, you promote aerophagia, which is the entry of air into the esophagus and stomach when eating. This is a cause of bloating. So take the time to chew your food well before you eat it.

Risks of bloating

Bloating that is not treated properly, or not treated at all, can have other consequences for your well-being. As a result of bloating, people often experience problems with constipation which can lead to more serious discomfort. It is therefore important to take appropriate action at the first sign to avoid complications.